Ecommerce is more powerful and busier than ever- Amazon has set a trend for delivery that customers will look to be replicated in their ecommerce shopping. A two-day shipping model is what companies are striving to offer as a standard part of their platforms.

The expectations of customers, the increased buying brought on by Covid-19 and development of advanced supply chain and logistics processes mean that your company has to contend with and compete with some of the latest technology t provide an equivalent or near equivalent level of service.

New tech like automated pick, packing and shipping, as well as augmented reality and the use of drones and advanced tracking systems are some of the keys to reducing costs and ensuring a way ahead of the competition.

Ensuring a Reliable and Competitive Customer Journey

We can maximise multiple channels within the ecommerce delivery system including online functionality, in-store pickup, returns, distribution and storage that is both short and long terms when required. We’ve brought in experts to measure the customer journey and have created smart tracking methods. We offer a single point of contact who collaborates with a range of players in your logistics journey but always offers you the opportunity to speak with a human being about your real-time questions and issues.

We also have created one of the least complex, fastest online systems for comparing prices on leading carriers such as DPD, TNT, FedEx, UPS and a dozen other leading international carriers. When you need to change an order or update the units within a shipment, you can do it within seconds. When you need to see the lowest prices, fastest options or gain access to additional services, you can do so at a single website.

The circular supply chain is about the right collaboration and agile resource allocation. We are located in 10 strategic offices throughout the world and have partnerships with each of the top couriers you already use and love. Our solutions will increase your company’s flexibility in the supply chain and provide a consistently reliable customer journey that will improve the reputation of your business.

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