The engineering industry has its own set of standards when it comes to impeccable logistics. We can handle exceptional loads such as large equipment and project cargo that other companies cannot. These include heavy, high capacity cargo and when required the specialist services involved in complex technological machinery and plant engineering equipment.

We have premier logistics services for equipment with unusual sizes and weights. Whether you require O rings, turbines and components and rail car bodies, we can move store and dispatch engineering equipment for your business. We use specialised equipment with high load capacity such as cranes for heavy cargo or port cartage.

We are customer focused and look after route planning, import customs clearance, and all of the relevant admin and paperwork. We map the processes both standard and complex to provide you with end to end delivery of engineering equipment.

The Latest Technology and Resources for Better Engineering Logistics

We utilise all of the latest tracking technology to provide you with information about your shipment in real time, and we always provide you with an individual project manager to be your single point of contact throughout deployment. We employ modern vehicles and work with leading carriers around the world for the latest solutions and optimal means of transport.

We are your heavy cargo specialists and can offer quality management and sustainability, the latest tracking technology, customs and administrative paperwork, project management, quality outsourcing when needed, and all of the details that complete your specifications and requirements as a business.

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