First Flight Out/In

airplane flying into sunset

Our First Flight out services are exactly as they sound. With urgent parcels and shipments, you can locate and place your package on the first flight out. Our portal can find you the best fit for your air cargo out of tens of thousands of flights per day. This is door- to-door service, that you can rely on when your next delivery cannot wait.

We offer time specific options that are flexible, secure and completely reliable. Choose first flight out shipping for that delivery that requires the next plane journey. We can offer end to end visibility with tracking and up to date status notifications within the portal on your delivery. Signed original documents, crucial electronics or medical equipment, SIM cards to broadcasting organisations, or patented prototypes, there are shipments that are crucial to your business.

The Beauty of our Online Carrier Portal

With OWR Logistics’ free online carrier portal you receive full visibility on all the major carriers and our project managers can guide you through any questions about customs, compliance and paperwork as needed. We provide free and complete training on how to use the portal, and we chose it because it is by far the most user-friendly system that we’ve seen yet.

We have access to find the most economical routing to first flight out and Same Day shipping, giving you the fastest delivery options but at prices that are reduced as much as 80%.

For more information on our First Flight Out deliveries, contact a member of our customer support team and one of our logistics managers can assist you. We’re available with an around the clock logistics team who is always available to help you with an urgent delivery, and more information on how to quickly find the best next flight out option.