International Ground Services

White lorry driving on a road in the mountains for international delivery

We offer international ground services which include same day, next day, 2-3 day and economy services. We work with major leading carriers to coordinate deliveries through the provider of your choice. We also have additional bespoke logistics services. We have offices in 10 locations around the globe, strategically located to provide you with the delivery you need, from local logistics experts who know the area, at the right price.

Our goal is to offer you the best of both worlds, under the umbrella of single logistics company. With OWR Logistics you can access our portal and arrange your delivery through any of the leading courier brands that you already know and trust. You can also make changes to a delivery such as number of parcels without having to redo the form or fill out complicated additional online paperwork. And we are here 24/7 to assist you with questions or orders.

In addition to this our team is available to help create solutions that might include on board couriers, time critical packages or additional specifications or requests that are of a more bespoke nature.

Compare with an Online Portal a Range of Leading Carriers

You can choose from leading couriers on our online portal to examine a range of options side by side. Simply input the dimensions and size of your package, where and when you need it to arrive and a list of leading carriers will appear on your screen with prices and options such as ‘lowest price’ and ‘fastest delivery’. Our portal is simple to use, and we offer training and support whenever needed.

Bespoke Delivery of International Ground Deliveries

We also have our own logistics team that can help you when you have additional requests or need services that are outside what is traditionally offered by leading carriers. With teams across the globe in office and warehouse locations, it’s not difficult to put together unusual or time sensitive requests.

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