On Board Courier

airplane flying in the sky

Our onboard couriers are carefully vetted, fully trained and undergo an intensive onboarding process in which they are shadowed by another crew member until they have fully met our strict KPI standards. We understand that onboard couriers are called in when the situation is crucial. We have a team of professional couriers who monitor and carry shipments, and are safe, reliable and consistent.

We thoroughly prepare our teams and ensure that they have the fluent language skills, travel experience and all relevant entry permits.  One minute can make a difference in time critical transport. Our team will pick up your items and fly it directly to your destination. Sometimes this includes sensitive documents, SIM cards for broadcasters, patented electronics, mechanical parts or medical supplies. Whatever the case, we can help assist you with direct, reliable, and affordable on board couriers.

Our Competitive Pricing and Logistics Experience

We’ve seen the prices of our competition, and we offer substantial discounts because we believe in the long term customer relationship. Our clients come back to us for on board courier needs because we continually meet successful delivery timelines and we do it for less.

Should you need an on board courier, please get in touch with a member of our team today. We have a bespoke logistics team who is prepped to handle any last minute enquiries that arise and provide you with a quote in under a minute. Just tell us what you need deployed in terms of weight and dimensions, where it needs to go, and when it needs to be there and we’ll provide you with options and a solution that will provide peace of mind.

We have the experience of over a decade understanding regional protocol and logistics and clearing customs throughout the world. We have 10 strategically located offices globally which enables us to deploy faster and with local regional knowledge that helps achieve timelines faster from initial pickup to that crucial ‘last mile’.