Project Cargo

Customised Support for Shipping Project Cargo

Project cargo is anything larger, complex or of high-value that requires shipment. It is also referred to as ‘project logistics’ and ‘project forwarding’. We can also arrange break bulk shipments which can move in several or individual deployments using cranes, rail, planes, ships and trucks. Break bulk shipments can move by land, air or sea.

These projects require strict planning as well as contingency plans that can flexibly ensure timely deployment. We can manage the paperwork, duties, exemptions, authorisations, and customs compliance via a project cargo manager who can provide insight into shipment and packaging design, routing options and final delivery. Our project cargo managers are experts in communication, liability and transparency and can execute superior planning that will account for all eventualities.

We’ve been in the logistics business for over a decade and have a global network of offices and teams who can assist with transport, cargo visibility and award-winning service at rates that are competitive.

Our logistics services cover:

  • Energy and renewable energy sectors
  • Aerospace and defence; vehicles, machinery, parts
  • Heavy equipment: agricultural, automotive
  • Construction equipment

Reliable end-to-end management

We have a team of specialists who can help with any type of cargo, anywhere in the world. We are secure, discreet and competent when it comes to end to end delivery.

  • International logistics and transport
  • Land, sea and air transport
  • Security
  • End to end follow up and tracking
  • Competitive costs
  • Project management

A Single Point of Contact

We assign a project manager and a team to handle your delivery from initial contact to delivery.

  • One point of contact to streamline your deployment services
  • Planning including back-up and contingency plans created
  • Customs paperwork and protocol implemented in strict accordance
  • Safe tracking of shipments from point to point.